сряда, 3 юли 2013 г.

RIC # 39

Ах, отново чудесно предизвикателство от Runaway Inspired Challenge - RIC#39 - Clover Canyon Resort 2014:

Страхотни шарки, прекрасни цветове! А това направих аз, използвайки същата комбинация. Още по-хубаво е, че тази картички отиде при една сладка двойка, която сключи брак преди няколко дни.

Оh, a wonderful challenge from Runaway Inspired Challenge - RIC#39 - Clover Canyon Resort 2014 again. Gorgeous print, lovely colours! And here is what I did using the same colour combination. What's more, this card became a present to a very sweet couple who married a few days ago.

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Nina Yang каза...

Love the clean and graphic design!! The polka dot paper is soooo cute!! Thank you for joining us in RIC, Diliana!

wienerhoneymooners каза...

I just LOVE this. The bold black silhouettes with those colors, perfect!

Julie каза...

Lovely card Diliana. I am sure it was appreciated by the newly weds.
I was surprised to see the Cyrillic text! I am learning Mongolian which is also in Cyrillic but has an extra couple of letters added to the Russian alphabet. How does the Bulgarian compare with Russian? Can you get stamps with Bulgarian greetings or do you always use English ones?

Jennifer Rzasa каза...

Lovely card...and oh so cute! Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway!

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